Minnesota Professional Bail Bond Association

Increasing public safety and reducing tax payer burden, by promoting an appropriately regulated commercial bail industry.

Topics actively being addressed with the State of Minnesota and Respective Legislatures and Goals for the Minnesota Professional Bail Bond Association:

  • Clarification of the recently accepted consent order, drafted by Commissioner Rothman and put into effect on 1/1/2016
  • Legislation, Licensing and Regulation of the Bail Enforcement (bounty hunting) industry in Minnesota (a currently unregulated/unlicensed industry) to be officiated by the Protective Agent and Private Detective Board in Minnesota
  • Clear legislation and rules for the Bail Industry, including enforcement of current and future Legislation/Rules
  • Education of Judges, Attorneys, Law Enforcement and Court Staff of the Purpose, History, Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Bail Bond Industry
  • Address pretrial release programs and issues/risks to public safety and financial burden to the State
  • Participate in National advocacy concerning the Same or Similar issues
  • Advocate against cash bail, signature only release and/or monitoring only release (publicly run pretrial release services) for violent and repeat offenders
  • Develop alongside the State of Minnesota, an auditing handbook that will be utilized and outline auditing procedures and consequences/enforcement of audit, that can be made available to the bail industry.
  • Develop alongside the State of Minnesota, an continuing education component to the licensing process of Minnesota Bail Bond Agents, Companies and Sureties
  • Encourage the tracking of data, by the State of Minnesota, concerning release methods utilized by County and the rates of Failure to Appear and recommit of crime rate by the released Defendant while awaiting trial, to show the most effective option of release

At the considerable risk to Public Safety and further burdening the Tax Payer, legislatures, judges and sheriffs at a national level (including Minnesota) are being pressured to eliminate Commercial Bail Bonds and implement a completely public run pretrial release system that will allow Defendants to be released on only their word (signature only bond), a small cash option payable to the court and/or a monitoring system only.

Despite the publicly run system being proven to fail drastically and have had the studies completed showing such failure by both public and private entities, it is still being heavily pushed. (see: “Best Option of Criminal Release” an educational document by Derek Nelson, supported by the MNPBBA)

Minnesota also remains one of several States that has no regulations, education requirements or licensing requirements for Bail Enforcement (bounty hunting). The State also does little to regulate the Bail Industry as a whole, less a few administrative changes they implemented the first of the year (2016). This allows every Tom, Dick and Harry to get a bail license, play “bounty hunter” (returning defendants to the custody of the courts) with little to no oversight.

The MNPBBA is working to regulate the bail enforcement industry, have better legislation and regulations passed for bail bonds, advocate for reform of the criminal justice system and Judiciary processes, so all Counties and entities operate the same way and follow the same rules and increasing public safety while lessening the financial cost to the State and Tax Payer.

If you are interested in further information, sources OR would like to learn more about these and other issues facing YOU the tax payer and citizen, I would be happy to email you.